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Elite magazine

Jason was recently featured in a 2 part feature in the Korean version of Elite Magazine

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Jane Wilkens Michael Show

Jason was featured on the Jane Wilkens Michael radio show on iHeartRadio! I was honored to join her other esteemed guests. We discussed all things beauty, oral desig and my most recent passion project, "Style Seoul." Click the button below to Access to the iHeart Radio podcast. (Radio player is about half way down the page)

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Marie Claire

No A-lister is blessed with naturally perfect teeth. Courtney Dunlop dissects Hollywood's biggest antiaging secret - and it has nothing to do with needles...

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The Jane Wilkens Michael Show

I heart radio

Listen to Jason J. Kim on The Jane Wilkens Michael Show on iHeartRadio Talk.

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune recently pubished a featured "From the Community" article called "Jason Kim – The Man Behind the Smile".

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MY 9 TV News


EYESIN Magazine

Jason Kim has been endorsed by Vivian Van Dijk as an outstanding innovative creator for his brilliant and groundbreaking work that includes him among the World’s Innovative Creators™ for making a difference in the world of the arts, science, technology and cultural progress.

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W Magazine

Anglophone disciples call him master. The Italians, maestro. But Willi Geller, considered by many to be the world’s leading dental ceramist, is far from a household name – even among most dentists. After all, the exorbitantly priced, artisanally handpainted ceramic teeth he crafts in Zurich have …

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CBS Morning


CNBC Healthy Horizons


OK Magazine

The New Hollywood Smile
Celebrity Ceramist Jason J. Kim explains why his porcelain veneers are so sought after in the showbiz world.

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New York Times

A Better Smile (but Not Too Perfect)
By Catherine Saint Louis

In this age of advanced aesthetic enhancement, subtlety is prized. The discerning get just enough Botox to unfurrow their brows, lest they become expressionless clones. Women dissatisfied with their breast size may get a surgical boost, but few aim to be as conspicuously colossal as Heidi Montag. And now dental patients are pursuing perfectly imperfect teeth.

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Dental Tribune

In a video posted by the Dental Tribune, Jason J. Kim discusses the possibilities of using his new product, Prenew Preview. He is convinced that once your patients test drives their new smile, they will feel compelled to move forward with the restoration.

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Departures Magazine

Perfecting the Not So Perfect Smile

How new age dentists are getting it bright white and right. Reporter AIMEE LEE BALL pays an office visit. “So you’re going to shave my teeth now?” “Shave is such an unpleasant word,” says Michael Apa, DDS, drill bits in hand, cordially reassuring the anxious woman in his chair. “I’m going to reshape your teeth.” The patient is a 30-year-old whose birthday present from the orthopedic surgeon she just married is a smile makeover. In about a week she will be around $30,000 poorer but have ten new porcelain veneers – gleaming little white gloves – masking the imperfections of her natural teeth.

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