Behind the Photoshoot

Celebrity Photographer Kevin Scanlon


Photographer: Kevin Scanlon
Creative Team: Shawna Ryan &
Wes Warren of “Big Personality”
Fashion: Ted Baker London
Location: A big thank you to Allen & Lisa Motola.

Stylist: Pilar Steinborn
Hair and Makeup: BetsyElisa, Inc.
(Betsy Reyes, Marissa Masella,
Danielle Castro)

The art we see before us, though wondrous and inspiring, rarely gives testament to the hard work from not just the artist but the supporting people who also give of their time and dedication. The photoshoot for this website was a beautiful experience for me as a master ceramist and an artist. Deeply moving and incredibly fun, but like any other proud moment I've experienced, it was not accomplished alone.

I truly love what I do and without the opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest clinicians and my team of dedicated technicians, it wouldn’t be possible to create art on a daily basis. How do I properly express my deepest gratitude to all the creative talent that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this day a success? The smiles that shine on your screen are the result of not only my passion for oral design, but that of the many talented colleagues who work with me in the laboratory and dentist chair, the beautiful patients themselves modeling for the cameras, the hard working stylists and makeup artists tirelessly employing their craft, and most of all the photographer using his keen eye to catch all these elements in the most perfect light.

Thank you to all who worked so hard this day. It is the team effort and the talent of wonderful people like this that I owe my true success.

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