Jason. J. Kim Oral Design

New York Center

"Being a Master Ceramist, we never get to make the same thing twice. It's a fascinating job and it can be very artistic. You have to have a creative soul and interpret that into your craftmanship."

In 1990, Jason founded Jason J. Kim Dental Aesthetics in Port Washington. A decade later he launched Jason J. Kim Oral Design NY in New York City. Jason is currenlty the exclusive ceramist for LLK Dental NYC.

Jason J Kim Oral Design NY is Jason's personal work station and is revered as a center of art, communication and education. It is here that each restorative case is individualized for the patient by Jason himself and is meant to create the perfect, natural smile that compliments each patient in the utmost way. This is fundamental in creating the perfect restoration, in which each facial feature, tone of skin, personality trait and other details are considered and harmoniously balanced.

PO Box 2158 Radio City Station New York, NY 10101-2158


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